Corporate and Estate Planning

We have developed vast knowledge and experience in corporate law, specializing in estate structures, tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, project finance and capital markets.

Estate structures

We have structured family and corporate estates composed of industrial assets, urban, agricultural and mining properties for USD 2,100 million, using flexible and safe legal and tax instruments.

Corporations, mergers and acquisitions

We led the association between a well-known Chilean company and a foreign investor operated by the European Financial Council Octogone.
We represented the local distribution of Faber-Castell Aktiengesellschaft, in one of the few cases where this German company has set a partnership in South America.
We created one of the first fifteen Investment Platform Companies (SPI) in Chile, with investments in Latin America and Spain.

Project finance

We advised a mining company in the bidding process to build and operate a power plant and a seaport in the North of Chile.
We are leading the financing and acquisition of almost a thousand hectares of vineyards in the South of Chile.
By means of leasing, leaseback and syndicated bank-loans structures, we have structuring funding for mining, educational, agricultural and estate projects.